How To Decorate A Small Living Room: The Best Ideas

How To Decorate A Small Living Room: The Best Ideas

There is a saying that goes: “The first impression lasts forever.” And in case of your house, the living room is the place that leaves a permanent impact on both the homeowners and visitors.

In other words, it is no doubt that you should invest in turning your living room into a lovely spot. There are many options available to do the trick, but one problem exists.

What if your living room is not spacious at all?

Most recommendations on room decoration focus on huge spaces so you may find it difficult to light up your tiny living room. But do not worry! We’ve got your back!

In our article below, we will present the five ways to beautify your cramped room. Don’t you believe in us? Scroll down to find out more!

How To Decorate A Small Living Room

Take advantage of the natural light

Science has proven that a bright space will make everything look roomier. So it is advisable for you to make the best use out of the sunlight. How can you do that?

  • Replace your windows regularly. The older your windows are, the less transparent they become. New glass windows will allow more light to enter your room.
  • Use pastel curtains. Avoid dark colors such as black, brown or crimson. They will darken your whole room and make it seem smaller in size.
  • Make use of lightweight materials. Linen or silk is the best option to craft a beautiful curtain. And remember to stay away from velvet or anything similar!

Use hanging decor

One of the best ways to decorate a narrow living room is to use hanging decorations. Everything from wall banners to elegant chandeliers is not only space-saving, but they also add an exquisite touch to your room.

However, you should avoid turning your living room into an entangling mess. Only select the most suitable items and apply them appropriately.

Purchase multifunctional furniture

Why invest in a costly single item when you can buy something that serves two purposes? There is a lot of multifunctional furniture available now on the market so it shouldn’t be a big problem for you to pick what fits your room.

In your living room, you can try installing a lift-top coffee table. Or you can consider buying a couch that conveniently turns into a bed when needed.

The possibilities are open, and you have to be creative!

Create a theme

If you can think of a theme for your living room, the decoration will be much easier to do. The most popular ones are bohemian style, minimalist style or cozy style.

Embracing your tiny living room in the same pattern will make it look more attractive. And no one will pay attention to the size anymore!

Paint your walls in pastel colors

White walls are the best in small living rooms. They make the whole space look larger by reflecting the light. But if you don’t enjoy white, you can turn to other pastel shades like light blue, light yellow or light pink.

Which Tools Should Be Used

Having a lovely living room will make your home more valuable. But the decoration can be expensive. In that case, using some necessary tools is how you can reduce the cost.

  • Air compressors for nail guns: Living room decoration inevitably calls for screws and nails. Do not waste your time and effort in handling them by hands. Let’s use an air compressor for easy pounding.
  • Tape measure: It will help you to determine the dimensions of everything in your room.
  • Screwdrivers: Accidentally pounding a nail in the wrong place? Get a screwdriver right away!

To Sum Up

We understand that decorating your living room will add more value to your home. But it is no easy task. Therefore, we hope to lessen your burden by giving you some of our best advice.

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What Home Improvements Will Bring The Most Value?

What Home Improvements Will Bring The Most Value?

Home is where you spend most of your time, so it makes sense that you wish to renew it once in a while. Not only is home overhauling beneficial for your daily use, but it can also be helpful if you decide to sell or rent your house out.

But questions are arising when you go for home improvements. Which parts of your house need excessive investments? What kind of home improvements that bring the most value? How can you enhance its worth, in general?

If these are the problems that annoy you, make sure to spend some time reading our comprehensive guide. Below, we will offer you some suggestions about home improvements in the most economical ways – a win-win approach for you.

Don’t you believe us?

Scroll down to find out more!

Methods to Improve Your Home Value

Re-decorate your living room

Most people agree that the living room is – in essence – the facade of your house. It is right behind the front door, and it shoulders the task of impressing visitors once they step foot inside your home.

Given a living room’s importance, you are justified in choosing to renovate or at least, re-decorate it. You do not have to spend too much money on this, as there are fundamental ways to enliven your living room, however small it is.

  • Get rid of all the old, unused furniture. Make sure your living room is spacious enough for further renovations.
  • Pick out a theme color. Once you have a theme, it is easier to purchase decor and furniture that match the whole scene.
  • Make the best use out of your existing walls. If you can’t afford to re-paint it, look out for hanging decor. Everything from photographs, dream catchers to floating bookshelves will breathe a new life into your house.

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Make sure your house is leak-free

No matter how lovely or well-decorated it is, your home will get damaged if the water keeps finding ways into the building. Water leaking can irritate those who live inside, and in the long run, your house will gradually get deteriorated.

So what are the solutions? You can invest in high-quality roofs that can shed the rain and the melted snow away. And do not forget to check the caulking around windows to prevent cracks frequently.

Do not turn your house into a tangling mess

Many people try to put unnecessary stuff inside their homes, which makes the house look narrow and stifle.

Do you need a bar deck in the kitchen if you live in an average household? Is a bunch of sprawling flowers on the small window eye-pleasing? Should you build a garage while you can park your car in the front yard?

Worthless features like these do not enhance your home value. They can even worsen it. So you should try to avoid using these unnecessary items while keeping your house simple and versatile.

What Tools Should Be In A Basic Tool Kit?

It is a widespread belief that home renovation can be costly. But if you know how to make the best use out of the tool kit, you can effectively reduce the expense. So what tools should you purchase?

  • Air compressors for nail guns: It may sound a bit necessary, but you will have to frame nails all the time. Since doing it by hand can hurt a lot, it’s best to invest in a high-quality air compressor for nail guns, so the machine does all the hard work for you. Check out these air compressors for nail guns.
  • Tape measure: This compact tool makes sure every detail in your house is in its correct size.
  • Screwdrivers: A set of screwdrivers enables you to adjust things quickly without professional technical help.
  • Flashlight: Sometimes, your eyes might need a bit of visual help. A flashlight enables you to light up the darkest corner inside your home.

Home Renovations That Make Your House More Valuable

Remodel your bathroom

Some of you may be surprised, but proper bathroom renovation is something that adds more value to your house. So how can you do it?

  • Upgrade the floor tiles and make them anti-slip. With them, there will be fewer accidents if you unintentionally spray the water all over the floor.
  • Pay attention to the toilet as it should always be in optimal condition. Making your experience there even better by installing a toilet seat cover, or a water-saving flush system.

Renovate your kitchen

The kitchen – however cramped or damp it is – is always a cherished place of your home. Renovating your old kitchen and turn it into something more comfortable to cook in it will be a valuable home improvement.

There are many ways in which you can make your kitchen a better space. And not all of them involve high costs!

  • Install a dual sink. Anyone cooking knows that having one only can limit the number of dishes that you can wash, or the amount of prep. Double the device and you can reduce half the effort.
  • Remove the wooden details, especially if you are living in a tropical country. Dampness can ruin their qualities, so either you purchase high-end wood or low-end stuff like plastic or brick.

Replace all the windows.

Most windows of your home were there since your very first day, so they might as well become rusty and filled with dust after years. Even the quality of the glass might decrease.

In that case, you should consider removing all these old windows. Invest in a nice set of windows that match the design of your house. They will brighten your home and make it more valuable.

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Home improvements can be unpleasant for you, so we hope we can lend a hand by offering you advice on what home improvements that will bring the most value.

If you find this article helpful, please share it with your friends or bookmark it for later use. We would be thrilled to spread our help to everyone!

What Tools Should Be In A Basic Tool Kit For Home Repairs And Improvements?

What Tools Should Be In A Basic Tool Kit For Home Repairs And Improvements?

You do not have to be a trained engineer to purchase a basic tool kit. Having several necessary pieces of equipment ready at home can give you a hand when it comes to simple home repairs.

But how can you tell which tools to be in your kit?

Different people give different advice though most of us do agree on a list of vital tools. If you want to know our opinion, scroll down to find out more about the primary items that you must have.

Are you ready? Let’s get started!

What Should You Put Into Your Basic Tool Kit?

Having a fully-equipped tool kit can help you to reduce unnecessary costs on house fixing or Do-It-Yourself projects. Below are five tools that we highly recommend.

1. Tape measure.

No matter what you intend to do – replacing your rusty windows or laying new tiles – it is a must that you measure everything beforehand.

An accurate measurement enables you to calculate the correct amount of materials needed, which helps you to save money in the long run. Also, by using a measuring tape, you can make sure whatever you aim to do fits correctly.

In short, a tape measure serves both financial and aesthetic purposes!

2. Screwdrivers.

Screwdrivers can come into handy when you want to install or uninstall household stuff. And do not worry about the wide variety of screwdrivers!

You only have to buy the two most common types: a flat head and a Phillip head. In most cases, these two are enough for you to perform most of your tasks.

Another thing to remember when it comes to screwdrivers-shopping is to get them in medium size. This way, they can work effectively with huge or tiny nails.

3. Hammer.

Some of you may already own an air compressor for nail guns. Good for you! But for those who cannot afford such an expensive device, you can always count on a classical hammer.

A hammer is probably among the most used household tool. Whether it is to hang a new decor on the wall or to put up your bookshelves, it will always be helpful.

There is one small drawback of this tool. Its heavy weight means accidents are more likely to happen when you do not handle it with care. So please keep a hammer away from children’s reach!

4. Cordless drills.

Have you ever felt exhausting when trying to pound nails and screws into the wall? If so, you should consider putting a cordless drill into your basic tool kit.

While many people dismiss this as redundant, we believe that having a high-quality cordless drill can lessen your workload effectively. In most cases, your home repairs will have to do with nail and screws.

Using a hammer alone to pin these to the wall can be challenging, especially for amateur people. This is when a cordless drill comes into handy. It will save your effort by drilling pilot holes or making nail pounding way easier.

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5. Nails and screws.

Nails and screws are tiny pieces, but without them, you can barely get anything done. They help to keep everything in their fixed places and make sure your household arrangements like hanging decorations don’t fall.

You should buy a lot of nails and screws in different sizes and types. But remember to keep them well-shorted so as not to mix things up.

Why Should You Have A Basic Tool Kit?

1. It can save money on home repairs.

As we have stated before, owning a basic tool kit will help you to reduce the cost spent on household projects. While they might not be able to perform complicated work, they surely are useful in smaller tasks.

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2. It can be unexpectedly useful.

You may find yourself in a position to deal with your household stuff once in a while. Things like tightening a nail or giving the glass provider the measurements of your windows are tiny yet necessary steps.

Without a basic tool kit, you will be completely unable to do these jobs. Therefore, treat yourself to a sufficient tool kit to prepare for every possible scenario.


To sum up, it is obvious that owning a basic tool kit comes with many benefits. Therefore, your container should always have at least five items we have listed above.

If you find our article useful, please do not hesitate to share it with your friends and families. We believe sharing is loving and we hope our assistance can get to those in need!